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Home Made Treats and Gifts
Ask us about Free Pick Up/Delivery in Portland, Texas and surrounding areas!
Here at LolaBelle's, our dogs are like family. And we believe in "Treat"-ing YOUR dog like our family too! That's why our home made treats and dog foods are made with 100% Human Grade ingredients! We believe in feeding our 4 footed family members the same quality food we feed our human family members. After all, you wouldn't eat "animal feed"grade beef would you? Why would you feed it to your dog?

"By Products and Meals" are common ingredients found in dog treats and dog foods but do you really know what that is? It's the "rendered product from animal tissues, including bone, exclusive of any added blood, hair, hoof, horn, hide trimmings, manure, stomach and rumen contents, except in such amounts as may occur unavoidably in good processing practices." It is made from animal parts which are not suitable for human consumption, a low quality ingredient used to boost the protein percentage.  Yes, if you put food in front of him he'll eat it, so it seems he doesn't care, but what choice does he have?

There ARE alternatives to low quality treats and
foods here at LolaBelle's! Our Treats and Dog Foods
are made with ingredients like fresh hand cut chicken,
peanut butter, fresh hand chopped veggies like sweet
potatoes, carrots and collard greens, eggs, milk and
flour! No artificial ingredients or preservatives! And
dogs LOVE them!

Welcome to
LolaBelle's Treats!
LolaBelle's is also about fun and style! Be sure to check out our selection of hand made one of a kind sweaters and toys! Available in assorted colors and styles, you are sure to find something for your special little boy or girl!
We even offer boarding and sitting services!!
Lola's Blog is always full of information on dog care and local dog related events! Feel free to tell us about your event and we will be happy to share it with all our friends! Want more information on home made dog foods? Visit our "Why Home Made" page for the truth about commercial dog foods. Have a question? Looking for a certain color sweater? Contact Us! We LOVE hearing from our friends! We hope you enjoy our website and LolaBelle's Treats!